Established in 2014, Apollo20 is a brand new type of agency. We work with brands and producers to help create content.


We love television. Telly is great. It still is. Yeah the internet came along and ate half of its lunch, but television is still great and immensely powerful.

We also love the internet and there’s a lot of it to love. They have one thing in common - great content.


At Apollo20 we want to explore how we can make more great content for the telly and for the internet. We want to make great content and put it in front of lots of people.


We look at ways of funding content and then make it happen.


We want to help introduce people who want to make content to people who make content.


We’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

It’s not rocket science!


John Nolan is Managing Director of Apollo20.

Apollo20 is part of the All3media family.